New York Bare Metal Dedicated Server Hosting

Dependable New York Bare Metal Dedicated Server with Maximum Performance.

Tired of Sharing? Spin up an entire dedicated server for just your website alone with our quality branded DELL PowerEdge New York bare metal dedicated servers. Metanet will build a server to the specs below. We can also customize or manage your dedicated server. Metanet maintains network performance and hardware maintenance if any problems arise.

Metanet Dedicated Server

New York Bare Metal Dedicated Server Hosting Performance Guarantee

Metanet Dedicated Bare Metal Server Guarantee

Our NO-RISK Service Level Agreement guarantees Quality others won’t:

Guaranteed Speed. Dedicated Ethernet no "per GB transfer" shared pipe budget hosting.

100% Network Uptime. If we fail to meet this you receive downtime credits

Guaranteed US roundtrip ping of < 85 ms within our network

Guaranteed 0% packet loss; your data will travel safely across our network.

PROMOTION: 2 MONTHS FREE with Annual Prepay

NYC Dedicated Server Plans & Pricing

We’ve got a plan to fit your needs.

Dedicated Start

A great way to get started.

$99 / Month

Dedicated Biz

Great for Small Businesses.

$129 / Month

Dedicated Power

More power for bigger sites

$195 / Month

Dedicated Prime

Ideal for E-commerce.

$295 / Month

High Performance Dell Poweredge Servers with IPMI and root access

Included in every plan:

Remote Reboot, KVM Console Access, iDRAC, 24×7 Ping Monitor, UPS Failover, PTR DNS, Email Hosting, DNS Hosting, 1 Gbps uplink

Choice of Operating System:

Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Windows 2016/2019/2022, VMWare

Dedicated Pro

Excellent for Virtualization

$395 / Month

Dedicated Pro Plus

More Virtualization power

$595 / Month

Dedicated Enterprise

For high traffic sites.

$795 / Month

Dedicated Enterprise Plus

The best bundle we offer.

$1295 / Month

Rates on web site subject to change. Call for latest rates and hardware updates.

Every Bare Metal Dedicated Server Hosting account includes redundant BGP4 connections to multiple Tier I backbone providers such as Telia (Arelion), Verizon, AT&T, NTT and Hurricane Electric. A Dedicated Server can be remotely administered from anywhere using RDP, Splashtop, Teamviewer software or any other remote administration tools you choose. Managed Hosting Services are also available to clients who need assistance with installation, administration, and management of their infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide root access to Dedicated Servers?

Root Access as well as IPMI “Remote Console” access is provided with all our DELL PowerEdge branded Dedicated Servers. A virtual console is managed through Dell iDRAC cards via a HTML5 browser and includes Virtual Media functionality for re-imaging of the OS.  There is no need to log into any control panel to gain access to your hardware. Access is provided by default upon installation of the machine.

What kind of Internet Access is included with my Dedicated Server?

Metanet connects each server to a 1Gbps switchport. A defined amount of GB transfer is allocated to your server. Once this allocation is exceeded our system will bill on a per GB basis. Some plans include unlimited usage.  Our network is not firewalled or restricted by any QOS.  Our network is  fully redundant and uses BGP to connect to various 10Gbps bandwidth links to Tier One backbone providers.  BGP automatically finds the shortest path and provides the ultimate redundancy and low latency performance.

What OS and software may I install on my Dedicated Server?

Root access allows you full control to install any licensed software product as well as any open source software on your Dedicated Server.  Custom OS and software can be installed over Remote KVM access which provides Lights Out management of your server.

Is Backup Service available for my Dedicated Server?

Metanet offers two solutions for backup of your data. The first solution is adding a secondary hard drive for a modest monthly fee which allows you to back up your data locally on the machine.  We also offer Veeam based CDP (Continuous Data Protection).  Veeam provides backup of your files, VMs, or entire servers to a local or off-site Disaster Recovery site.  Affordable and fast to implement, Veeam can provide a sense of safety against data loss from ransomware, accidental deletion of data or hacked systems. VMs can also be restored at a remote geographical location.

What are my options if I need to upgrade?

For Hard Drive upgrades in the event more storage is needed, you can simply add a hard drive to your server provided your server hardware model allows for disk expansion.  In regards to RAM you are permitted to order a RAM upgrade which will be scheduled and planned to reduce downtime.  For RAM and storage that exceeds the server capability we would provide a new more advanced server for you to migrate to, keeping your existing server live for 30 days at no charge until you migrate off of it.  Once migrated your old system will be disconnected.

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