111 Eighth Avenue Manhattan

New York City 111 8th Avenue Data Center “Googleplex”

Located in Chelsea, NY, atop the Hudson Street fiber highway, this world famous Manhattan hub connects leading carriers, domestically and internationally, providing physical links for global telecommunications networks and Internet backbones.

New York City 111 8th Data Center Interconnection Hub

Situated uniquely atop the Hudson Street/Ninth Avenue fiber highway, Digital Realty’s establishment at 111 Eighth Avenue stands out as a top-tier data center in North America. Encompassing 109,600 square feet across several floors, this facility has emerged as a pivotal center for numerous top carriers, both local and international. It serves as a vital nexus, offering physical connection nodes for worldwide telecommunications networks and Internet backbones.

Safeguarding among the world’s busiest switching stations due to its prime location, the facility at 111 8th Avenue offers high-speed access to financial exchanges and application providers, media and content providers, cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers, along with a multitude of enterprises

Our Metro Ecosystem Space Connectivity boasts a diverse range of services and providers, including


Over 225 companies

Cloud Providers

More than 70 available

Content Providers

With a selection of over 75

Information Technology Providers

Offering services from over 105 entities

Network Providers

Over 225 options available

Infrastructure options include Cabinets and Cages for customization.

Inter-site connectivity options encompass:

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