Managed and Private Cloud Hosting

Scale On Тhe Cloud While Saving On Costs

Tired of unreliable multi-tenant environments and expensive Cloud Computing? Deploy and manage your own super high performance custom-tailored VMware or Microsoft Cloud hybrid or private cloud hosting

Massively cut unpredictable, bloated AWS and Azure IT bills with flat-rate predictable fixed monthly costs. 

Metanet Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting and Managed Cloud

We will build an enterprise DELL PowerEdge branded Private Cloud solution with the dedicated compute
and storage resources you choose.  Scale up as needed while dramatically lowering IT spend. 

Private & Managed Metanet Cloud Hosting

24×7 hardware maintenance and BGP-4 multihomed managed network performance.

Connect AWS, Azure or Colocation to your Private Cloud for a Hybrid Cloud solution.

Fully customized Managed, Unmanaged Private or Hybrid Cloud hosting.

Satisfy compliance and data security requirements.

Manage, build, and deploy your Cloud Servers from a control panel. Scale your Private Cloud as needed when technical requirements grow.

Move your On Premises servers to the Data Center or Hybrid Cloud. Reduce staff and capital expenses.

Use your existing infrastructure at our data center, save on your hardware expenditures.

Engineers possess the highest VMware, Cisco, Microsoft certifications.

Private Cloud Plans & Pricing

We’ve got a plan to fit your needs.


A great way to get started.

$395 / Month


Perfect for On-Prem migrations to the Cloud

$895 / Month


Optimized for high performance database applications.

$1295 / Month


Meet the demands of rapidly scaling SaaS applications.

$4995 / Month

Choice of operating systems VMware, Hyper-V, Linux or Win2KX. All Private Cloud hosting includes UPS Redundancy, Free Reboots, OS reloads

*24×7 Total Coverage includes proactive 24x7x365 Coverage, Unlimited Remote Hands, and Full Stack/OS Level support.

Your New York City Dedicated Private Cloud will be monitored 24x7x365 in the World's most redundant and connected data center: Google's 111 Eighth Avenue.

When deploying scalable infrastructure the network is often overlooked. 

Your infrastructure is only as good as your network connectivity:

Googleplex East is a Tier IV rated world class carrier telco hotel with multilayered security, and houses our climate-controlled, SSAE 16 Soc 2 data center.

111 8th Avenue is one of the largest interconnection points in the world, and sits atop the largest fiber optic highway in the Northeast. Your private or hybrid cloud will peer with hundreds of networks at the lowest latency.

DirectConnect to Amazon EC2 AWS, Microsoft Azure, Telx Digital Realty, Coresite and Equinix Cloud Exchanges.

Our Cloud Service Level Agreement guarantees quality others won't:

Guaranteed Speed. Dedicated Ethernet 10Gbps uplinks, no "per-GB transfer" shared pipe

100% Network Uptime. If we fail to meet this you receive downtime credits

Guaranteed US roundtrip ping of < 85 ms within our network

Guaranteed 0% packet loss; your data will travel safely across our network.

Dedicated Private Cloud Add Ons and Licenses (as of 10/2022)

* Microsoft Windows 2016 R2 Std
* Microsoft Windows 2016 R2 Data Center
* Microsoft Windows 2019 R2 Std
* Microsoft Windows 2019 R2 Data Center
$25 additional per month
$50 additional per month
$25 additional per month
$100 additional per month
Plesk for Linux Control Panel (CP)
Webmin for Linux (CP)
Hosting Controller for Windows (CP)
Mail Enable Mail Server for Windows
$50 additional per month
$FREE – installed at no charge
$50 additional per month
$FREE – installed at no charge
Bandwidth 95th percentile billing (?) Burstable1 – 199 Mbps @ $2/megabit
200-799 Mbps @ $1.5/megabit
800-999 Mbps @ $1.25/megabit
1000 Mbps @ $1/megabit
Bandwidth with SLA Fast-E Handoff Tiered1 Gbps Ethernet $600
10 Gbps Gig-E $call
IPs$1 each per month
DNS Hosts$1 each per month
10 POP3 Email Boxes$99 per year incl. Enterprise WebMail
OS Level Systems Management$195 per month per server (up to 3 incidents)
Managed BGP4$495 per month per carrier

Frequently Asked Questions

What capabilities will my Private or Hybrid Cloud have?

Metanet Cloud allows you to keep your private data private, and your public data public, controlling the security and moving your workloads freely between public and private cloud according to needs. Mix and match any public, private, third party cloud services, managed services and connect your colocation equipment together to build a flexible Hybrid Cloud environment that best serves your IT needs.

What features are included in a Private Cloud or Hybrid environment?

Metanet Dedicated Private Cloud includes network provisioning, traffic analysis, hardware and network monitoring, device configuration backup and monitoring, configuration and changes, firmware patching and updates, 24×7 NOC access, along with rapid ticket response time.

What are the benefits of Hybrid or Private Cloud for my business?

Security and regulatory compliance. Use secure protected private cloud resources for sensitive data and public cloud for inexpensive scale in response to sudden traffic spikes or demanding workload increases without impacting resources on the private cloud. 

Why should I migrate my On Premises infrastructure to a Private or Hybrid Cloud?

Adapt to new technologies and integrate these solutions into your cloud without the need for new procurement and CAPEX spending.  No need for purchases of additional on premises hardware and deployments of new infrastructure. Move On Premises to virtualized public cloud infrastructure, in a reliable data center with continuous power and redundancy to reduce the on-premises data center footprint and scale as needed without additional capital equipment investment. Test and spin up servers as needed on demand.

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