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Is MS SQL server installed on a separated computer?
Yes, the SQL server is housed on a dedicated dual-Pentium processor for optimal performance.

Can I FTP my database to the SQL server?
No,  FTP and Web servers are not installed on this server for two reasons, performance and security.  In order to maximize performance and security of the SQL server, FTP and Web servers have not been enabled.  Thus optimizing a dedicated database server for your needs.

What tools I will use to connect to SQL server and to run my SQL scripts to create objects?
The following tools are recommended for connecting, scripting, and transferring of files:

SQL server Eneterprise Manager;
Isql command line utility;
Isql/w - Windows based utility;
and ODBC.

I do not have any of these tools. How can I get them?
You will install them from SQL server distribution by running Setup program.

What version of SQL server are you currently have?
We are currently using version 6.5.
Version 7.0 will be supported starting in July, 1999.

What are exact steps to connect to SQL server?
After we receive payment you will be provided with connection information,
such as:

IP Address,  server name, database name, ODBC DSN, username, password

Step by step can be found below:

A) You will configure Client Configuration Utility which comes with SQL server distribution starting with default net library which should be tcp/ip sockets

Then you go to 'Advanced' screen and put server name that was emailed.. Put server IP in place of 'Connection String'.

B) To use ODBC from your 'home' location you need to create ODBC DSN. Open ODBC applet, choose 'System DSN', then 'Add', then 'SQL server' and use connection information we will provide you. Always use 'Standard Security' mode to login with username/password we will provide you.

I have connected to SQL server but can not transfer my database.
First be sure you only have one database user - 'dbo'- who owns all the objects.
Open SQL Enterprise Manager. Go to 'Tools', then 'Transfer Objects'. You should be able to transfer from there.

Another way to transfer database is to use BCP command line utility.

How will I administer my database hosted at your server?
Use same tools as mentioned above: Enterprise Manager, isql/w, ODBC. Your   login will be mapped to 'dbo' (database owner). So you will have all the permissions for your database. You could even delete it!

I want my web site hosted with Metanet to be able to use SQL server database from asp or Cold Fusion program. How will I do that?
We will create an ODBC DSN for you.

How often you backup data?
Twice a day.




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